Monday, September 10, 2012

Yes, I Hate Alzheimers

I hate Alzheimers. I'm not suffering from the disease directly, but my father, who turned 90 in August, is in the late stages. Unfortunately it runs in my family. My grandmother had it. My maternal great grandfather had it. It appears that other members of my family, going back farther, had it as well.

Alzheimers has affected our whole family. My mother, who is 88, is taking care of my dad and it is wearing her out. It's even affected my 8-year old son who is struggling with trying to understand why grandpa doesn't remember him.

This blog won't take away the disease, or prevent me from getting it. But I hope it will help us all cope. It will help us deal with watching Dad deteriorate. But it will also help us to remember the type of person he was. And I hope, if anyone else reads this, that others will be able to share their stories as well.

So here we go . . .


  1. Mike, my thoughts are with you and your family. I am so sorry to hear about your dad, and especially your elderly mom having to take care of him. I think having a blog and periodic diary of the affects on your family members can be very helpful for others going through the same hell. I'll keep your family in my prayers.

    1. Thanks Gail. I hope it helps - it's therapy for me and my family.

  2. My mother has alzheimers too (I have a blog specifically about it on here, but I have to keep it a private one due to my invisible brother who likes to be awkward over just about everything).... I wrote this recently, and you might indentify with some of it, bearing the title of your post. Take care and stay strong x
    How I hate you, Alzheimers
    With a passion most strong
    How I wish, and I hope
    That one day you'll be gone

    But, I know that you won't
    And you'll knock on the door
    Once again you will visit
    And take away more

    How I hate you Alzheimers
    For all that you rape
    With no sign of remorse
    For the memories you take

    And you won't give them back
    Nor the days or the years
    That we suffered so much
    With pain and with tears

    How I hate you, Alzheimers
    For the thing that you are
    A disease, yet invisible
    When viewed from afar

    The person I love
    Is the person who's fading
    Still there, but a shadow
    Is all that's remaining

    How I hate you, Alzheimers
    Like an old evil witch
    Casting spells over lives
    You're an unreachable itch

    When the night draws in
    And the curtains are closed
    You don't care at all
    For the problems you've posed

    How I hate you, Alzheimers
    And one day I hope
    A cure will be found
    To stop your slippery slope

    Until then, my foe
    We'll struggle and fight
    Muddling through, regardless
    Of this terrible plight

    The thing called Alzheimers
    The thing that remains
    The thing that destroys
    All the lives that it stains